Battlefield Mil-Sim team 17th MEU Recruitment Ad.

Are you looking to play the game tactically, the way it is meant to be played? Are you looking for a casual bunch of people that utilize real military tactics as well as the ranking structure for an organized experience? Perhaps you are looking for the above but on the competitive side. If your interest has been aroused by any of these questions, then check out the 17th MEU.

The 17th MEU is a group dedicated to military structure and tactics. We base ourselves around the United States Marine Corps ranking structure and training. Our members are either prior military service, future military service, or people that just love to play the game the way it is meant to be. We set up games in controlled environments, we play public matches, and we have a competitive branch.

It does not matter what your play style is we have a place for you. If you like to be on the ground with an M16, you would be in the 3rd Recon Battalion, if you would rather roll around in an armored asset such as the M1A1 Abrams, you would be place in the Combat **** Battalion. Maybe you love to be in the Air. Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron - 1 is where our pilots and EAC crews are.

In order to join the ranks of the 17th MEU you must register on the site and post an application. We ask that those wishing to join to be active on the site as well as in game. We take this seriously and we don’t accept just anyone. You must also go through the trials of our Boot Camp to test your dedication because this gaming environment isn’t for everyone, especially lone wolf CoD players, as we are a Battlefield 3 team. You can visit our site at


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