Battlefield Dissapointment?


Ok first let me say I am not some hater on Battlefield, as a huge fan of BF:BC/2 i had nothing but high hopes for Battlefield 3.
Starting up the Beta I was a bit surprised by the graphics, if anything they seem a step backward?
But fine, graphics aren’t the be all and end all, as long as it plays like battlefield....

Nope =\

To me BF3 has lost its unique feel, it has fallen into the void of generic shooter in my opinion.
It just feels like some Battlefield, Call of Duty love child =\

BF: BC always felt like a you were part of a large scale fire fight across a landscape,
It could just be poor beta map choice but it's like playing a typical shooter map, close quarters, lots of grey and a bit of fire here and there..

Cant help feeling let down after such high hopes for a big epic scale war online..

So what do you think of the Beta?


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Unfinished?  We have 25 days till release.  Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.  Don't expect too much aside from this beta to be different besides some bugs.

I'm tired of hearing oh its old hardware on the console.  There is plenty of amazing looking games out there.  This game looks worse then Battlefield 2 MC and that game is 6 years old. 

Ok a could accept that graphics will be  a bit improved in the final version but all these bugs (which could have been fixed for the beta release) such as flashlight beam Floating, tracers, floating debris from the small amout of stuff that can blow up.   And lets not forget the crazy ragdoll physics that pop up for now reason,  (shot a guy witha 249 and he bounce around)   Now I was really hoping for something here.  All the comercials and teasers, hype made it look sharp and fun but this just,,, unsells me.   Multi player is just too much like Medal of Honor for me.   Awesome Fun really enjoyable with a group that works together but a trip thru hell dragged by weasels over glass dipped in vinigar otherwise.   So I will just have to hope COD3MW3 pulls thru on its promise.

Is that the only thing that gamers this generation can talk about? Graphics? Shut up. I have a old TV and the game looks fine. The lighting may be weird to some and little things here and there but they are fine overall. Complain about more important the gameplay itself. Which I still think is fine.


The destruction got scaled back, it seems. Fine. BC2's building destruction was nice but it wasn't ground breaking and sure didn't affect the game that much. Lack of vehicles? I can understand the disappointment there but I personally prefer infantry and aerial battles. Not a fan of tanks/IFV's. Just a nice way for a player with lack of gun skill to get kills.


What's the real problem here? Not similar enough to old BF games? Tell me why. Too similar to COD games? Tell me how. That's what I want to here. Not about graphics.

[quote user="Blaz0"]

At first, I really felt let down.  After about 3 hours in, I am really loving it.  It is different and takes some time getting used to.  If I can make one suggestion, it would be to slow down your style of play.  Run from cover to cover.. never expose yourself.  There are plenty of corners to duck into.  I took it slow and tactical all night and had a blast.  It's different than COD in the main fact is you can't run around guns blazing.  You will just end up constantly respawning.  But people, please remember what kits you are playing as.  Assault has health packs, use them.  Support guys, your job is to supply ammo.  I have not seen any packs laying around that weren't mine.

[/quote]Im with you there.  I drop a pack near any group of teamates holding down an area.  Not once have I seen anyone else throw any type of pack down. 

I'm not very impressed w/ it. It's ok.....I like horde mode mo betta.

I think alot of the people complaining about the graphics don't realise that this is the build that was used for E3 which was a while ago now lol they're 6 months+ old.

If I knew any of the videos reflected on which platform im playing on I could get excited but that crappy of a look for me in this day and age is unacceptable people can and have been saying oh the 360 is out dated blah blah blah.  Fact is it shouldnt look this terrible.  Jaggies everywhere and just gross.  It makes me a sad panda.  Truth is im scared this is what its going to be when i pop it in on release day.....I already have it paid off.

A beta that's an old build. People are worrying over it a bit too much. Find a bug and report that's why it's a beta, not a Demo.. Games alright just a poor map imo. It still looks better than most fps shooters on the market even at this early stage

Know exactly what you mean, it doesnt feel like battlefield at all =(

to whoever said it was six months old, that is not a good enough excuse, if that were true why bother show casing it? Every beta I have played was presentable in some way, there are so many things wrong with this beta from graphics to the mechanics of the gameplay it doesnt feel at all as reliable or smooth as bfbc2. If file size was such an issue they should have just had one good playable map with all the features included in the final product. I realize betas are used for finding problems what not such as gltiches (whatever) but there is nothing to show in this game nothing, the maps themselves look geographically incorrect one moment your surrounded by buidlings with a landscape that look like it had *** with brazil and rome and then you some how go underground into a railroad tunnel????You dont even feel like a team anymore just a bunch of ghosts wandering around with guns and uber recoil.

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