Battlefield 4, xbox 360, xbox one, xbox live, multiple accounts, and how to tie them all together?


I have a complex set of questions that I hope, with help, to figure out.

This is all related to the game Battlefield 4, which I have preordered for the xbox 360.  When you upgrade to xbox one, Battlefield 4 will upgrade with you (for a charge) and thus you can play BF4 on your xbox one with all the items you received while playing it on the 360.  Great!  However, it sounds like once you do that, you will no longer be able to play it on the 360.  This is where my issues and questions start ......

I have BF4 friends who will not get an xbox one until after the holidays, some will not get one until after tax time (April 2014).  Additionally, my girlfriend wants to get me a second copy of BF4 if I could use it. 

So, I game with BF4 on the 360 for a month or so and then the xbox one comes out.  I assume that I move my xbox account over to xbox one and pay the money to move my BF4 account with it?  Does this mean that I no longer have my account on the 360, meaning that my xbox 360 live account is gone too?  Since I have this second copy of BF4, I could run it on the 360.  However, the BF 4 battlelog is tied to the xbox account which is tied to an email address. So, in order to game BF4 multiplayer on the xbox 360 and communicate with friends, I would need a new email address, a new xbox account, a new xbox live membership, and have it all tie into a new bf4 account, right?

It sound easier if they made things backwards compatible! 


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I think theyve already said stats will go between the two games and XBL will be the same with the Xbone also, I think. Dunno for sure. I know for sure the stats will go from the 360 to the Xbone with CoD Ghosts.

kinda doubt that J .....I could never use my XBL ID or account info to access online stuff for the original XBOX required me to create (and purchase) a separate account

I am pretty sure if you own BF4 on the 360 and the Xbone, that you can play either and the stats will group together as one and go back and forth between accounts. I also believe the XBLive will be the same for the Xbone and the 360.