Battlefield 4 Multiplayer problems please help!

I am having constant problems trying to play online and can never get into a game. Have had several days where I can't get on at all. I have the xbox wired to my modem and xbox tests confirm no problems with connection or multiplayer strength. Ok I'm on BT Broadband and only get 12 meg ( I live in a village, best service I can get) This said FIFA plays very well online as do other games it's just Battlefield 4 Please can anyone help, has anyone having similar problems

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This game is plagued with issues. You are considered lucky if you can get into a game. I am not sure of any fixes ATM for this. I have only intermittently been able to connect to a game. Sometimes I just keep trying until it connects.

Me and 2 of my other friends are having the exact same problems, its really annoying.  We eventually get in a server after about 30 minutes of trying different ones, the quick match option has been totally broken for us for the past 4 days now, we all have good internet (60MB fibre optic) our nat options are absolutely fine too, so it must be a EA/Dice problem. Really hope the servers are fixed soon.

pro tip.. do not use quick match.. do not use inernal server browser.. use the one on your tablet or from the PC (Battlelog)... make sure (FULL) servers is clicked...

Thanks so much for the replies this has been driving me around the bend, I thought it was just me

It's a disgrace that we can't ever get in games EA /xbox are failing to provide what we bought the game for. Not being able to log into a game for 4 days now..... Money back?

Yeah, this sucks massively,   I can sit trying for over an hour before I get in game,  and then it ALWAYS puts me in TDM....

I just use the browser, set all my filters, conquest/conquest large have it at 1-15 and full, search for my area of servers (europe) then search, i find myself queuing alot but usually get into most games ok, i find it if gives me connection errors i have to close the game off completely take the disk out and make it all reconnect, it's like it gets stuck in some loop and takes an age to throw me a failed to connect message.

Occasionally i get booted and still get that black respawn map screen which gives me a roulette one spawn but returns to normal on the next death.

I haven't had as many issues as i did previously but it's definitely a pain to get going sometimes.

Well... where do I start:

Some derp group called erm Derp DDOSed EA servers so people could hardly join any games in the last couple days.

Dice team apparently are on holidays until 10/01/14.

Net code is broken.

Connectivity issues are on all platforms.

The only console related problems are with PlayStation and PSN network that wend down around 3 times in one week.

with the pending lawsuits against EA/Dice by investors... I highly doubt anyone of importance is sitting on a beach right now...

I predict the game will play as intended by March, late February earliest.  And by then I am sure many players will have either moved on or given up on BF.  Unfortunate really, as this game is so much fun.  Its like buying a Ferrari but only being able to drive it for one hour, once a week on a gravel road during rush hour!

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