Battlefield 3 WTF!?

Why is it that every time I play a game online that EA published, I go through so much trouble just to connect to a match with a party? As if its not enough trouble to connect to a match without getting a "Failed to join the game. Please check your network connection and try again." Notification. When we actually DO join a game, me and my friend are on opposite teams from each other despite the fact that we were in a squad from the get go. 

I know what some of you are thinking. You'll probably tell me something along the lines of getting a better connection. Here's the thing though, it's not my connection that's causing problems. So what do we do to fix it? Is anyone else having these problems in this game? 


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Ive been getting problems with it splitting up my squad too. Only thing that works is we play through a round and wait until the next game starts. Usually some people will leave so we will switch teams real quick. Or we find games with about 6 or 7 spots and do the switching when we get in. I feel your pain though, it sucks

Quick match has been giving me and my friends some trouble as well when me are partied up and we have to go through the server browser. It is something wrong on EA's end.

The connection error EA doles out is generic error handling. I'm not sure why they do it the way they do other than sheer laziness but it's the way they seem to error handle their titles. Why let the user know it's their system at fault when it's much easier to simply label every issue, "Your network connection?" I haven't been able to connect with a friend and when he tries to join my match he gets the same error. Same thing happened consistently with MOH. In the case of BF3, I believe it can be one of two issues, or both. He has dl'd the nerf patch whereas I haven't. He also has the Karkand expansion which I don't. My guess is matchmaking is somewhat dependent on like systems. It stands to reason that patched systems log into one bank of servers while others don't? I don't really know. I'd like to compare a list of servers while online with him one of these days but frankly, once I have the game up, I just want to play. *L*


I've been wondering if he were to delete the game from his system if that would kill his patch?

is this happening because of all the post xmas players flooding the servers?

It's a problem which needs addressing,If you are in a squad it should find a game with enough spots on the same team to accommodate your squad,Also the auto balance is BS.

The squad splitting was never a problem in BC2.  Why now?