Battlefield 3 Servers splitting teams

So at the start menu invites are sent out and we all (4) join up in a squad before trying search for game option.

After the game puts us in a room it splits the squad and 1 person gets put on the WRONG team. This is a BROKEN GAME if you cannot play your friends then what good is it? It takes about 3 or 4 tries to get a game on the same team and usually teams are way un-balanced and all the high level players are on 1 team so it apppears the rank system has nothing to do with joining any team. After finally geting in a room then hope it does not lag or teams unbalanced.

I miss the Halo game search where 8 people could all party up and play some social gaming or just have fun as a party but Battlefield 3 your lucky to get 3 people on the same team. Just plain Dumb who ever controls EA servers needs to be fired.


I like to play with others of my same rank.

I hate flashlights constant in my eyes or lasers in my eyes. From people on my team and enemys. Too many lights.

I hate getting booted and put on WRONG team.

I hate getting message "Failed to Connect to EA" servers constantly not working.

I'm tired of searching foor a game and then end up at the main screen again to press start.

I'm tired of spawning with invisible guns.

Here is a 1 min 30 sec video on the game splitting up teams, having room on the other team to switch but the

change team option is greyed out.




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The issues you have brought up are being addressed and fixed in the next up coming patch in a few weeks. The reason you and your friends are being split up is because there isnt enough room in the server, once MW2.5 is released in afew weeks, room in the servers should free up and the problem will disapear. EA are planing to put more servers in place to combat this problem also.

That video shows you attempting to create an imbalance in teams. That's why it's greyed out there. It will be fixed soon enough, just like it happened with BC2. It hasn't even been a full week. Calm down and it'll get fixed. That video also drug out a bit too long for what you showed in it.

FYI you can only switch teams when you are dead and not on your initial spawn in. As long as there is room and it won't create a team balance issue you can do it. (works for me)

Guide to getting your squad set up.