Battlefield 3 servers, anyone?

Anbody know of, or running, any decent Battlefield 3 servers?

Since the rented servers came out i have barely touched the game, due to crazy rules being set in place, a cycle of the same two maps, and various other issues.

I have the Aftermath dlc, for example, and i have NEVER been able to get a game on the new maps, as every conquest server seems to be Gulf of Oman 24/7 or some ***.

Basically i want to play BF3 as it was when it was released, pick a game mode, of you go, good cycle of maps and not having a game last 45 minutes or so because of 500% tickets or something. 

Anybody else had this (im sure they have) and found a good way around it? I have even tried setting up my own server, but coming home and spending an hour waiting for it to fill up is not really a solution either.

Let me know what you think........


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