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Hello, can you play Battlefields campaign in co-op




That will be all


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Please, someone?


Would of been quicker just too Google it!


Yahoo > Google, I tried yahooing it but just a load of rubbish links

Co-Op Missions but not the Campaign.

co-op should be standard in any campign :|

No shooter like Battlefield, Call of Duty should get a 10 without co-op campiagn, thats why Gears of War 3 gets a 10 from me, GTA is the only execption, even though GTA is an action/avventure game!

I firmly believe that not every game needs co-op and there are some games that will suffer because of it. However, a military shooter that has you running along side AI companions for the whole game, is not a game that would suffer from co-op. And I'm not talking about some halfassed co-op missions separate from everything else. The whole "on my own" thing flies out the window as soon as they force teammates on me. So they might as well let me pick who those teammates are. Not having a fully cooperative campaign in a game like this, just seems idiotic to me.

AI are generally stupid, especially on Gears of War 1, 2 & 3, they stand in front of your shots, they take cover on the wrong side of the wall, on CoD they just get in the way and are just there for decoration, the AI in BF actually sound inteligent by giving youinfo on where snipers are in meters high and so on, I hope the AI is good in BF3 then it's not such a big deal