Battlefield 3 Question needs answer.

I am looking into buying a flight stick for the new battlefield 3 game when it comes out and need to know what all sticks will be compatible with the game. The stick I am mainly wondering about is the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick... If anyone knows anything about this stick and the battlefield 3 game please let me know. I know the game isnt out yet so it makes it hard to tell what will work and what wont. Thats why I am asking here.


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Only games like HAWX and Ace Combat would justify a flight-stick.  BF3 is a shooter not a flight sim.

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Really not needed unless you're playing on PC.

[/quote] Agreed, not in air units long enough to justify a flight stick. Controller works fine for me.

Unless he used them to fly a dragon in Skyrim i dont think the OP bothered

what a waste....

So did you find out if this flight stick works with BF3 then Lordicon?

Doing that now. Really need an answer on this, Thanks for yiou help NameMonkey Boy..

Try checking the EA forums via the

You could also try asking Demize99 (Alan Kertz) via Twitter.

BTW I was going to add this to the support page but there is no topic that is best for this so I figured I would ask here.

Here are some pictures of the flight stick.

Really not needed unless you're playing on PC.