Battlefield 3 Pass - No Trial?

Most games with an online pass at least have some kind of trial period.    It appears this game doesn't.  Why not? 


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Cause they want your moneyz

If they want my moneyz they should have given a trial.    It was the one thing that could have convinced me to buy it, but now I will not even consider it.

Unless they're just convinced it is a crap-fest and the trial would just put people off buying it.

LOL your sig is funny Elite. Is good to see that they are doing the onl pass affect rented games too and not only used because both market are almost the same and rental is the worst of both  IMHO.

If there was no online pass, i'm almost positive BF3 would make a hell of a alot of more money and out sell MW3, this online pass just ruins BF3 IMO, im not saying its a bad game it's incredible, but the online pass ruins the whole experience for me.

Pr-orders were massive for BF3 though, i didn't even realize there was an online pass i pre-ordered my copy a while back, wish i didn't, it takes ages to find a game & the game hates me playing with friends & splits me up, sorta sucks