Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

Vote for which game you think is going to be the best HERE


It's crazy, it's pretty damn close almost 50/50 with almost 20,000 votes each... damn.


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Battlefield 3 all the way.

BF3 because:
  • Vehicles
  • Team-work that matters
  • Full-scale war
  • 32 vs 32 players (pc)
  • Destructible buildings
  • Mature fanbase

Definitely Battlefield !

Between those two, Battlefield. 

Single player = MW3

Multiplayer = Battlefield 3

I have to be in the "I want to dominate everything by myself" kind of mood in order to play CoD. So, I'm going to have to go with BATTLEFIELD!

Can't decide. Will this be the same COD all over again? Or will this be a more improved COD game. Never really got into Battlefield but I'm opened to try it.

I wouldn't go into MW3 unless you can tolerate screaming 12 year olds for that game's existance. I believe there'll be and age limit on Battlefield 3 (15+?)

Looks like BF3 is gonna be for the big boys.

Or girls, if you happen to be female.

Battlefield 3 is my vote as well. The new damage modeling looks fantastic!