Battlefield 3 – Caspian Border Antenna Finally Destructible!

Battlefield 3 – Caspian Border Antenna Finally Destructible!  :)


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No, it won't. The patch is making it to what eyeball posted. When one team reaches 10 tickets on conquest.

You know whats sad, I can dodge and overcome some sick stuff when piloting. But dang, those light poles continue to make me look stupid half the time. I don't hit them often, but I feel so ashamed when I do.

'Light Poles' should be Destructible too, they have become my worst enemy when flying a jet very low.

Tell me about it. I think I've been taken out by more lightpoles than jets or helis on Kharg island.

It only comes down when 1 team gets down to 10 tickets,I wish we could destroy it killing anyone who is under it.

With the patch it will become that way, eyeball.