Battlefield 3 beta

Hey guys I had a question regarding the MoH LE disc.

Do you need to have the multiplayer pass to be able to play the beta? Because my friend isn't really interested in playing it, but he was gonna let me borrow his copy to play the beta.


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It's only 48 hour early access anyways, so don't worry if you can't get a code. It becomes 100% open to everyone after the 2 days that it's released to the MoH LE players.

Oh okay. Hopefully its like that so my friend can just give me the code.



WRONG. tried it, not there. Fuuck you DICE, from Canada

I'm not 100% but i think they would do this so people could'nt just go get a pre-owned copy and get early access.A lot of people are thinking MOH LE buyers may get an E-mail aswell possibly with a key code of some type,not sure,no E-mails out yet though.

My understanding is that if you bought the MoH:LE new, all you will need to do is log into MoH mp and go to the store to get it. I think it will recognize your online pass code as being from an LE copy.

It seems now if you pre order BF3 through Origin you also get early beta access

I would think it is related to your GT in some way.Either when you entered the Pass code or if you registered on the EA site.I don't think you will be able to get in with the disk alone.