Battlefield 3 Beta Opens Next Week


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Maybe this will convince me to play Battlefield 1 and 2? We shall see.

I heard. It's gonna be the best 11 days of anything ever.

Played the Alpha. This game is gonna be awesome! I just wish the xbox version would support 64 player battles like the PC version. Now I gotta go and buy both versions :P .

goodbye social life for 11 days

Can't wait, I'm going to go on a TKing trolololol spree on every single sniper on my team. It's gonna be great.

4687 kills with USAS so yeah Im a shotty *** and I will wreck anything in my path especially camping snipers!!! 2589 Saiga kills as well out of my 30000 plus kills most are with shottys haha!!!

Shotguns are godly on BF3. Remington 870 + tacitical light + 12g flechette + down in subway/metro = absolute hell for other team. With how fluid and quick movement is, just makes them even deadlier then they ever were in BC2.