Battlefield 3 beta available during free gold weekend?

Hello all, I'm currently not subscribed to gold but I understand there's a free gold weekend going on currently.  My problem/question is that last night I tried to download the beta and it said that I have to be subscribed to gold to get the beta.  So my question is, will this change?  I was looking forward to being able to play the beta and it appears that free gold weekend doesn't qualify me for getting the beta.  Any information would be a great help!  Thank you!


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no, the beta is only out for a couple weeks, aka, as long as the gold exclusivity thing asks. and you need gold to even use it.

it's  an MP beta. and it's not a demo.

So I won't get to play it then right?  I'm just making sure.  Major Nelson's video that said "BF3 beta" as the headline and "Plus free gold weekend" as the subtitle was making me think that i'd get to.

its more to a multiplayer unlock then a free gold upgrade.

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its more to a multiplayer unlock then a free gold upgrade.


Yup. It gives gamers an opportunity to try LIVE for a weekend. It's free this weekend because of Gaming and Giving for Good event.

How do I activate this free gold weekend?

Absolutely nothing.

It's automatic, if you have a silver account you can just start using gold services and it will work.  

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If you create a new profile,  you can get a mouth free trial to gold and download the beta which ends on the 10th Oct, way before your gold trial ends. (this will work as long as you haven't used up your gold trials, I think you get 3) 

I created a separate post for this as well, but please be aware the Battlefield 3 Beta will become available to all silver users currently taking advantage of the Free Live Weekend very shortly (within a couple hours of this post, hopefully sooner).

Be patient.