Battlefield 3 Achievements Leaked


Looks like a simple 1000G. 


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After following through all the links... 

It seems simple but there are those secret achievements that could really be hard or time consuming.

I hope there is no searching for satellite uplink or collectable type cheevo's,I really can't be bothered with those.

Well I know I'm going through the solo campaign on the hardest difficulty on the first night. So I hope that the achievements stack.

The achievements have stacked since god knows when...

[quote user="OrdealByFire"]

The achievements have stacked since god knows when...



Uuuhmm.. that is not entirly true as a matter of fact..


I was so happy to finnish BC1 the campaign on the hardest difficulty, watched stacking the chievo's. But nothing happend.


Needed to play all the other modes too to unlock all chievo's. well, never got to it.. :(

1st Loser... now that's funny. bet i'll get that before MVP.