battlefield 1942>battlefield 4

im disappointed.

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I was a PC gamer up until Original Xbox, never since... I prefer the 'closed system' of consoles, especially online when it levels the playing field.  I work on PC's daily too so I totally get that feeling, gaming is supposed to be unwinding time IMO not sitting upright with your face in a monitor.

Im loving the game especially hardcore, just wish my whole team wouldnt use the sniper class. They still think they're playing COD.  I did ask for ammo 9 times form a teammate and when he still didnt give it to me, i shot him...then sent him a note as to why...HOpefully he learned his lesson and is handing out ammo as we speak.  lol

Yea 3 maps, no class customization, arcade graphics is hardly better :) Great game tho.

It probably was the same one. There were a metric feceston of mods for the original 1942. I had a PC built with gaming in mind but, turns out I was a dumbass 'cause I wasted the money since I evidently don't like PC gaming. Something about sitting at a desk behind a computer all day at work makes me not want to do it at home. I did play some BF 1942 on PC but a lot less than I've played console games.

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Yea 3 maps, no class customization, arcade graphics is hardly better :) Great game tho.


You're describing BF 1943, not BF 1942. 1942 was a PC only game. I actually still own it. lol


Just look at dem graphics.

I'm not disappointed. In terms of how it actually plays, BF4 is the shiznit and it's light years ahead of 1942. Did you actually play BF 1942? I did.

Oh my bad, I only entered the BF series with Xbox Modern Combat.  I remember briefly playing a BF back in the day when I was a CS 1.6 player on PC, not sure if it was the same one!


Lol savage :)