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Hey guys, or girls, the name's Cameron, and recently I bought Battleblock theater. As fun as the game is alone, rumor has it that it's even better with co-op. All of my friends are stubborn [Mod edit] and wont get the game, so I'm on here looking for a gamer to playthrough the co-op campaign with me. Personally, I'm a laid back gamer, and I play games to have fun, not to try hard and, and all the same, I'd like to have someone as laid back, and looking to play for fun. I dont take many games seriously so I mess around in games alot, and mess up alot, and I have the amazing ability to find glitches by accident. So if there is anyone who preferably has a mic, and is willing to game through Battleblock theater, send me a message, and I'll reply.


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im down if you are still

You sound pretty cool. You'll probably find someone to play with you here.

Looking for someone to play battleblock theater with to play the story or trade Iff your looking for someone like that im the guy.

You can play with me so ill send u a friend request