Battle Islands? Monkey Pirates? Really...?

I bought my Xbox One to play Xbox One games, not Newgrounds flash games from 3 years ago... Really? smh


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they put games for everyone,not for you,genius(you sound like a common online narcissistic who thinks the world revolves around you,well guess what,it doesn't.)

Battle Island Monkey Pirates where our hero  is a chimp off the block is ak47 carrying lawyer who going to do a hostile takeover of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream while running a pirate radio station in the Bronx.

Battle Island Monkey Pirates sounds like a new entry in the Monkey Island series.

I have battle islands in my download queue. I should  get to it Friday.

Camaroboy69 are you in a Battle Islands alliance?  I created "The Walking dead".  Only have 3 members.  Was up to 4 but think most people rather join a maxed out group of 40.

I also like Battle Islands.  

Pretty simple solution,don't download them & don't play them.

Xbox one has to cater for everyone,not just you.

I'm liking Battle Islands.  But then again I dont have a cell phone.  So it's all new to me.