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does anybody know if halo 4 is going to have the restrictions in it like halo reach with the return to battle field coutndown


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You mean that "Return to Battlefield" (Bad Company 2) sign that slowly drains your health when you go someplace Bungie didnt want you to go?

Well considering they arnt recycling levels from campaign or using a Forge World layout I would assume those no-zones won't exist. They were annoying. Back in the day, you wernt penalized for going outside the map. It was a "good for you, you broke the game" moment.

You kow it's total BS when the developers say that the fans will make better maps then whats already on the game disc in forge within the first few weeks. Cmon guys. You are game developers. Thansk for giving us the tools but inviable walls and boundries are so 10 years ago.

ya theres only so much you can limit the return to battlefield zones. as well halo tends to make these maps that are in sections and shielded of so you cant kill somebody thats on another level in the map without chasing them (for example zealot, above the map with the shield) and i dont like that. even halo 3 pit in the box above main base. the only way was to double jump on somebodys head to get up there, sooooooooo annoying lol.

I'd really hope that we don't see it return, i understand not wanting kids to go in certain spots but seriously sometimes i jump and am out of bounds and while i don't use a jet pack unless in action sack the out of bounds thing just ruins it. But i don't know if we'll see it return or not

They just need to make multiplayer maps with multiplayer in mind so we don't wonder off just cause we know we could go there in the campaign.

I'm basically saying "Don't recycle levels."

Ya when you recycle maps from campaign you kind of have to make return to battlefield zones to make it a multiplayer map. When you make multiplayer maps from the start you can broaden the limits in any way you want and make it fun. I think but forget halo 2 made its own maps. Waterworks was awsome