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Oh some of you are gonna like a Costume in here. Link


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just found this forum specifically to talk about this new bit of info. i'm very much interested in pre-ordering b:ac if they come to the states. i wonder if these are it or if they'll have more costumes and skins, and if they give any bonuses or enhancements or if it's purely cosmetic. amused by the fatman and very much intrigued by the animated series, probably be the one i'll use.

I already pre-ordered the CE version of AC in full, so I guess I'm getting the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map and the Dark Knight Returns skin. I'm sure they're all just for changing the look of Batman, and do not give him any extra powers or abilities.

Captain you are probably right but the Batman Beyond one has my eye. All i can hope for (if i don't pre-oreder) is that these become DLC, low priced DLC lol.

I was longing for the Batman Beyond suit, and not surprisingly, all we got was a new skin.  Ears need to be alot longer and "pointier".  Like I've said in a different thread, the functions of that suit are completely different, and we'll likely have to wait until an actual Terry McGuiness game is in the works for that.  The Fatman suit is kinda dumb, if you ask me, hopefully just a glimpse of the look for the MMO game that's being launched around the same time, which I've all ready forgotten the name of for it sounded so ridiculous...:-).  

I agree with you guys, the Batman Beyond suit is the only skin that caught me eye but I guess North America isn't going to see the light of these costumes so I'll just have to deal with that. The Dark Knight Returns skin is pretty awesome, anyway.

Hopefully the skins are playable in game, not just challenge mode. AND that they are released as DLC for everyone eventually, like LA Noire's was by Rockstar.

Also,  I hope that this stuff gets released in the US as well. (I think it probably will be. They already listed the Dark Knight Returns skin as part of the collector's edition.)