Batman AC will have New Game +

[quote]"When you finish [Batman: Arkham City], you can then restart with all of the gadgets and all of the upgrades from the first playthrough, but you're going to need them in the second playthrough because all of the enemy configurations have changed," Ginn says. "All of the assistance you get in combat with those blue lightning bolts coming up against guys who are about to hit you, they're gone. So you have to read their animations coming in. That's why we really wanted to drive home the deployability with Batman: Arkham City -- taking those gadgets back into the streets, delivering justice a second time around. Really asking, 'Are you the Dark Knight? Have you got what it takes?'"[/quote]

sounds good.


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That's going to be tough fighting multiple guys at once wothout knowing when they are about to attack you. Makes it more interesting though.

I always thought the point of New Game+ was to make things easier on people, not more difficult.

Clearly you never played Diablo II.Every game you start + , ++ your resistances are brought into the negatives and enemies are more enchanted and brutal.Too me that game didnt really start till Hell or Nightmare.

Nice touch to NG+. Get to keep the equipment but the game gets slightly harder.

I read the title of the thread and got excited, then I read the content and became disappointed. They can make my first play through as difficult as they want, I'll finish it. But once I start a new game, I want the same experience with my fully upgraded abilities. I want to steamroll enemies with weapons I'm not even meant to have. I'm not talking about cheat codes or glitches.

If I beat the game, I unlocked all that equipment legitimately, then I earned that ease. If they want to add an additional and optional difficulty setting, fine by me. But the purpose of games is enjoyment. If I played through it their way and experience it the way they intended, subsequent playthroughs let me play the way I want instead of continuing to force me down their path.

When I was playing through Deus Ex, I was really hoping for a new game+ mode. Sadly, the option isn't even there. That kind of pisses me off. I did it their way, twice. Now let me frickin enjoy the game that I bought in the way that I want.