Batman AA combat challenges: How to score REALLY high

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Key points:

  1. Variation x9 in every round = 5000 bonus 
  2. Perfect freeflow = 1000 bonus, and the high hit count gives bigger score per hit 
  3. Kill the last 4-5 enemies with a ground takedown (explained below)

Just having 4 rounds with variation x9 gives 20K in bonuses, coupled with 4 rounds of perfect freeflow for 4K and no damage taken gives another 7K for 31K in bonuses alone. No damage taken is no easy feat so just aim for variation x9 in every round initially. 

Variation x9:
To do this you will need to chain all the following moves in a continous combo:
  • X - strike
  • Y - counter
  • B - stun
  • AA - dodge
  • Tap LT - quick batarang
  • Double tap RT - batclaw
  • X + A - special throw
  • Y + B - special takedown
  • RT + Y - ground takedown

- Work out a standard routine where you perform the moves in the same sequence all the time, this will help you naturally remember which moves come next, and what you have not done yet. 

- Note that batclaw and ground takedown is very slow and you can be hit out of the animation, so as a rule of thumb I only perform batclaw from a very long range and ground takedowns when there aren't any enemies standing around. Also note that batclaw causes enemies to enter a stumbling animation and they tend to block your way as they stumble towards you. Stunning them with B always cancels their stumbling animation and makes it less likely to have your combo broken because batman missed an attack on a stumbling enemy. 

- Batclaw, stun and dodge do not add to the combo counter, but extend the time you have to land the next hit. Dodge is especially useful because during the animation which batman is invincible while vaulting over an enemy.

- If you've noticed, when starting your combo normally with strikes, batman only starts to knock down enemies with the 3rd hit. Any strikes, counters, batarangs and batclaws done before the 3rd hit will not knock down, and the latter 2 will not count as part of the combo as well. To start your combo with a power strike that knocks down, hold A, run towards the enemy and while still holding A, press X. You should perform a flying kick. 

These attacks give a score that is multiplied by the number of current hits. 
  • Strike, counter, batarang: 10
  • Power strike, critical strike: 20
  • Ring out, special throw: 25
  • Special takedown: 50
  • Ground takedown: 100

- Imagine if there are 3 enemies left, the current number of hits is 30 and you take all of them down using ground takedowns, that gives you 3000 + 3100 + 3200 points. 

- But since you're vunerable whenever you're doing a ground takedown, the best time to perform it is when any alive enemies are either too far away or lying on the ground. Thus whenever there's only 4-5 enemies left, knock them to the ground quickly using batarangs and batclaws and start performing ground takedowns. 

Other general combat tips:
  • Don't get surrounded, always use dodge to put all the enemies in front of you so you never get surprised from the back. 
  • The batarang is the fastest move, works at range, and hits three people at one go. It is the single most important move. 
  • Save your special moves as a bailout move, specials can interrupt enemy attacks. When you're doing specials, you can only be hit by flying rocks, titans or guns. 
  • On stages with gun boxes, enemies will only go for the guns on specific rounds, try to stay near to the gun box as much as possible. 
  • With the exception of Shock and Awe, try to keep enemies alive as long as possible to increase your hits. Try to refrain from throwing them out of the ring or into electric fields.
  • Enemies with knives and stun rods can be beaten easily and safely with specials or batarangs. Never use the batclaw or stun on the stun rod enemies.

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Thanks, I'm going to try to use your hints and suggestions when I (try to) complete Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme). Wish me luck! :D

It's awful how many times I've double-tapped LT for a quick Batarang and ruined my combo.

These are all great tips - thank you!

awesome info thanks for that!

Youtube really helped me out with these, and these are great tips.

I know this is an old post but it helped me tons! Just wanted to let you know.