Bathesda Setting The Bar?

Playing the Elder Scrolls all weekend has given me a small look into the scale of this game!

It’s amazing to think that a game of this size and depth costs the same as other games on the market.
The amount of time & effort that is apparent in the Skyrim world is staggering and I think Bethesda show the better side of the gaming market - Not just rattling out copy and pasted games re-skinned for a quick sale.

I have spent more time just strolling around the wilderness in this game and taking in the vistas & towns than can be spent in many a single player
campaign that can be completed in a few hours.

All in all I think Skyrim sets the bar in what game developers should aim to achieve, a game that has been created not just coded.

I know the RPG market doesn’t appeal to everyone but do you agree that the amount of content expected for your money has been increased due to Skyrim’s epic scale?


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As far as RPGs go it is the best I have ever played. I haven't even really done that much in it either.

You're exactly right, which is why I got a Game Fly subscription. If the game is made by Bethesda or Bioware, I'll buy it because I'll get at least 40-50 hours in one play through from Bioware and 100+ from Bethesda. Any other games I just rent, play through them until I beat them or get sick of them, then send them back. After playing a game like Skyrim, it just seems silly to pay $60 a game with a 8 hour campaign. I have hundreds of hours into each Fallout Game, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins.. etc. Paying the same price for a game I can beat in one sitting isn't something I'm willing to do anymore. Bethesda has set the bar and honestly everyone else with the only possible exception of Bioware falls well short.

Couldnt agree more,

Its one of those games that even years down the line will end up creating another character and play in a different way.

I ended up going back to Oblivion for another big play through before Skyrim and it still felt good to play and start fresh.

Just the value for money in the game is amazing and makes alot of other companies look poor in my oppinion =\

I grabbed it on PC, meant to get it on 360 but it seems my notebook runs it well enough that I can play it at 1080p with 360 controller on my big screen so it is the same thing pretty much just with slightly better That aside...the game has me at awe...Bethesda really knew what they were doing and took all their experience from Oblivion/Fallout to bring us this great game, it really shows.

Bethesda loves us all so much they even gave us all a rustic premium map!

They are giving us a lot. But i also felt this way about Red Dead Redemption and GTA4.

As a "non-RPG" guy i am loving the 6+ hours i've put in to Skyrim. A better system needs to come out for classifying games because some of these new RPG's, especially action RPG's are so different than the original RPG's that turned me off to the genre. I avoided RPG's up until i decided to take a chance on Mass Effect 2 and am i so glad of that. RPG's in my opinion used to be a whole lot of reading dialog, and that turn based stuff of which i want nothing to do with. Now all that dialog is voice acted and often very deep.

From someone that has come into the action RPG recently i don't find there to be much more difference between this game and the likes of Red Dead, and Assassins Creed.

I hope this game sells a buttload and they make a ton of DLC and they sell all of that too.   Rewards should be great for a game like this.

*Raises bottle of mead and toasts*

I would agree so much that I would put in place the term "New Age RPG" in place of just rpg when it comes to the newer style.  It could just be a sub-class of RPG.

Bathesda have always set the bar IMO with every game they have released, even Fallout 3 which was half the size of Oblivion or Skyrim and FO3 still had twice as much content than most RPG's.

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