Batgirl may be added

Over on the Arkham City forums, there is a thread with a petition for Batgirl added as DLC with close to 200 signatures. One of the community managers at Rocksteady commented with "We are keeping an eye on this thread!" Subtle hint that Batgirl is next? 

Hopefully it comes with something added in the story mode. Would be great to use Batgirl and/or Robin in open world/story gameplay for some more variation. 


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I hope this is true, I would love to have batgirl as a playable character.  But it will only be for Challenge maps and additional achievements.  I think that the story will be locked to just Batman and Catwoman.  Maybe the Batcave DLC will be an additional story line that allows all the character to be used but I am doubtful for that.

Uh... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "Batgirl" in a wheelchair speaking to Batman through his cowl earpiece?  

For the three people out there who did not read "The Killing Joke," Barbara Gordon got shot and is currently confined to a wheelchair, so she definitely cannot be part of the single-player player story.

Like Billy Zane said; the only way to (logically) play the character would be through the challenge maps, which I already hate as it is.  The thought of making me do them all over again (and again for the campaign challenge) with yet another character is enough to make me rip out my hair.

Oh, and for those of you who are super slow and still have not figured it out: Oracle = Barbra Gordon = Batgirl.


Yes, Barbra Gordon was Batgirl.  Joker shot her, paralyzed her and she became Oracle.  So she cannot be involved in the story in her previous role.  But I could see them adding her in like they did with Nightwing who had no voice acting.  I don't see this happening in all honesty, but I would definitely purchase it if they made it.

More in story mode would be better...I'd like more Catwoman story.

Does Robin have voice acting during the challenges?

Barbara was NOT the only Batgirl.  Much like how this Robin is Tim Drake, they could use another who wore her cowl.

Pre Flashpoint Stephanie Brown (aka Spoiler) was Batgirl.  Before that it was Cassandra Cain but she is involoved with the League of Assassins at the moment"Flashpoint" (aka current "DC - New 52"), Barbara Gordon has the use of her legs again and *IS* the one and only Batgirl (with no references to "past" Batgirls)...they haven't explained how she "recovered", but they do reference how she got paralyzed by the Joker...would be nice to see Barbara/Batgirl as a DLC, but they could really just include "Batgirl" as a DLC with different "skins" to represent: Barbara, Cassandra and/or Stephanie versions of "Batgirl"...for that matter, why not include a "Robin" skin for Stephanie too, while we're at it?!?  ;-)

They can go with the Cassandra Cain Batgirl.

Just like how there have been 4 Robin's...

1. Dic k Grayson who is now Nightwing

2. Jason Todd who is now Red Hood

3. Tim Drake who is now Red Robin

4. Damian Wayne, the current Robin

There have been 3 Batgirl's (Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown & Cassandra Cain)

I would love some story missions for both Nightwing & Robin. And even Batgirl if they add her. Hell they should add Huntress as well.