basic male soldier in psp

im sorry to bring this topic up again but last week i posted about getting basic characters over and over again in rec and vet packs, even when fully upgraded.

but last night i paid 99.000 for a PSP and what did i get, yes a f#*?@ing basic male soldier for about the 20th time.

i've played this game from the first day it came out, but last night after that PSP i felt like throwing it in the bin. i have had some good weapons and characters from them in the past but never get the good weapons past level 2.

i feel i get too many repeat character cards when i need so many other items. i know we all moan about the store sytem and i thought bio fixed some problems with the PSP but they need to fix what happens to me before i do bin the game.



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they suppose to FIX the repeated character XP but i guess they didn't because if they did they will miss the opportunity to make $ out of PSP with MSP.i have spent over million credits but could not unlock a second N7 character instead useless yellow cards full of gear equipments.this how they pressure you to actually buy the packages with MSP.FREE DLC and all but company like EA always have hidden agendas like every other corporations.

If you max out the gear bonuses then it increases your chance for N7 characters.

I am going to guess that you have been using a soldier when you buy your packs. Thats why you keep getting a basic male soldier character training. Some things seem to affect what you get. The good weapons? If you are referring to N7 weapons, I dont think anyone has higher than a level 2. That is something they should fix, If you get a N7 gun then you should see it again but nope it goes back to ultra rare. Thus a level 10 N7 gun is like super ultra ultra rare. As much as I hate EA I doubt that there is a hidden agenda. The only people who buy packs are the impatient people that have to have it now, but good things come to those who wait. The only way to weed out things is to buy and buy again. As Burst Axe suggested if you max out gears you wont get them again. Same with the guns. If you get a level 10 gun then you wont see that gun card again. Keep weeding em out and you will get good stuff cause there is less of the common things, leaving only rarer things. If you dont have patience then perhaps you should "bin the game".

The default classes are still unlockable along with 62,500 XP they bring. They've intentionally done this and it doesn't matter if you've maxed them out. Only the uncommon and rares will stop showing up if you've maxed them out. I'm assuming they've done this because many players counted on that bonus XP for increasing their N7 rank and this is Bioware's way of trying to please everybody.