Baseball game in 2016

I am here to gain a solid support group for other Xbox owners that want to have the privilege to play a respectable competitor to sony's Playstation's MLB The Show franchise. 


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The Xbox One Definitely Needs one... and don't tell me RBI Baseball that game is a joke.

I would love to see XB1 get a baseball game. Sony's mlb the show is awesome but it needs a rival.

We need a baseball game for the one

Interesting idea I had.  What if Sony allowed Microsoft to just produce last year's title for the current year? For instance, when Sony releases The Show '16, allow Microsoft to produce and release The Show '15.  Fans get a good baseball sim for current gen, albeit last year's game, and Sony would get a boost in sales to a game that is a year or more old.  Seems like a way everyone wins.  Xbox players get a baseball game, Microsoft can please their customers without having to allocate resources to new game development, Sony makes money on an otherwise dead title.

Probably less than a 0% chance that this ever happens, just a thought

Would love to play a solid MLB sim on the Xbox! Whether it's 2K, EA, Microsoft or anybody! Somebody please make a solid MLB game for Xbox! Thanks in advance. :)

If Xbox one does not come out with a real baseball game like MLB THE SHOW by 2017!i am selling my xbox for a ps4!  I understand if 2k makes a baseball game it won't sell because why would someone that owns a PS4 buy it? MLB the show is amazing! So make a Xbox only baseball game that isn't a not joke like rbi baseball I want my money back I was stupid to buy that game! I wouldn't install it even if rbi 16 was free!  Please make a real baseball game! I love my xb1 but I would trade my xb1 in for ps4 in a second if I had a chance just because MLB the show!

Bump this.  Let's get a baseball game!

When has America's, i repeat AMERICA's past time been surpassed by basketball. The only baseball game xbox one has is the potato looking grraphics of RBI baseball. It does not even compete with MLB the show or in the past 2k basball games. There was a mycareer, an online mode to face other people, a my team. Guess what other game has the same features, NBA 2K. which has gone way up in popularity. Why do I have to waste money buying another console for a game i want to play?

Its pretty ridiculous that rbi baseball is the only option. Would never waste a second of my time playing that joke.

I still play 2k13 cause, well, thats all i got...

Been loyal to xbox since the beginning but very seriously hopping ship if this isnt addressed in the next year or so .

Its a MAJOR sport, youd think it would be worth competing against the show , its not like its a duster sport that nobody wants.

Baseball is not a major sport,far from it.

It is only popular in the U.S. & Japan & the Xbox does not sell well in Japan so that leaves one country where the game would sell.