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So I went and tried Barebonesmode and although I typically get owned again and again on Deathmatch/Gun game/Ground war I noticed that Barebones is much easier to get kills on; while thinking that maybe I had host or possibly I had a very good connection to host while everybody else was lagging I backed out and I've gotten into other barebones games while continuing to rack up the kills. 

So again, I'm not saying that people are hacking; quite possibly they rely more on their perks/kill streaks than I do but I definitely noticed a big difference in my results from one mode to the next.  Is it that people that aren't so good at BLOPS play barebone????  I'm not sure but you guys should give that mode a try if you're struggling in the other modes.

One more thing; I used to do pretty well at all modes yet over the last few months I've become quite bored with black ops while playing others games like reach, gow2, pinball fx2, peggle or whatever to break the monotony and I think that's why I'm so garbage now in the normal modes or it could be the hackers.....  Just sayin.


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I've noticed the same thing going into barebones, I guess it's just that most of the community sucks when it comes to pure gun on gun action. I play barebones on occasion and pretty much just dominate the entire team on my own.