Barbarian class viable?

I keep invisioning making a barbarian game for this game.  We are talking a giant hammer carrying, what is metal armor?, yell and jump into the fray kind of barbarian.  Will this type of character every make it through the game or is it too dependent on armor, shields, magic, etc?


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You'd be looking for Steel, Banded Iron + Iron or Leather, and yes, it could make its way through the game. Smithing would have to be a choice, however, as would Two Handed, probably Block, the Armour style of your choice, Archery, perhaps?

Thanks...I was concerned that I would be obsolete before even starting

you should play as an ORC mate - Beserker rage is great for jumping into the fray and spilling some blood

Conan in Skyrim? Could be a good dlc someday.

I have a level 49 Nord with legendary Daedric armor and weapons.  I jump into any fray and always come out on top, but it also helps to have a well stocked supply of health and stamina potions if you're gonna play that way.  Especially if you're gonna be dungeon diving.  Those Dragur Deathlords are a *** to kill sometimes.  

Get your smithing perk up and work with the armor of your choice.  Myself, I prefer heavy armor and a nice war hammer, but that's me.  Also, if you're gonna run around like that, check every blacksmith for gauntlets of minor/major/eminent sure grip or make some if your enchantment skill is high enough because that will increase two-handed weapon damage.  

Great advice.   Thanks