Banshee overload

How u guys liking hearing that girl scream while dodging phantoms or primes I think it adds to the o *** factor of gold matches makes it more exciting

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Makes it MUCH better! I love it. Had a friend join the game and didn't tell him about the Operation and around wave 7 or 8 against Cerberus he heard a squademate yell BANSHEE! And he freaked out (he hates them lol) and yelled "WTH! Banshee!!!". It was hilarious.

Banshees are pretty annoying..  Earlier today I was building up a level 5 soldier on bronze. There was another guy with like a level 5 or 6 Adept. The other 2 guys were 18 or 19 engineer and infiltrator.  Just before starting the match the host switches to silver... Dude?!  I'm level 5!...  As if that weren't annoying enough, the match had more Banshees in it than I've ever seen. Every freaking wave had at least one banshee........ We made it to wave 10 and and after killing 2 banshees....2 more showed up!.....     I got wasted and watched the final 2 guys in spectator mode get wasted by the banshees....  Banshees are annoying, creepy b!t<hes.

It's a lot of fun, and for the first time I beat gold with randoms today

Really made a coiuple of Gold Runs I played pretty interesting..still got full extraction on FBW White but had to settle for 69000 credits on reactor

[quote user="Queen x HunT3r"]It's a lot of fun, and for the first time I beat gold with randoms today


Also just completed a gold run with randoms (alebeit miked ones) the banshees were interesting with Cerberus

They kept playing with my Geth Turret 

The central tower on Dagger is pretty easy to defend it seems