Banshee Lover Gets a Little Surprise...

Ok, so I caught onto this red guy always coming to camp at the Banshee spawn and decided to have a little laugh at his expense...


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Thanks for all the feedback, guys. :)

Banshee <3

Nice video.

Brilliant =)


I notice you were a couple down in that battle, so camping the banshee camper was tactically a good idea, and fun, and he sure got covered in it!!!

Nice one.

It would have been even better if you could have skyjacked him and planted a bomb on his face! Great job though!

Waiting for that guy to come for the Banshee so I could poop on his party.

I like the way you got rid of it, nice and classy, but what were you doing up there in the first place....?

Hahaha Grunt b-day just made it THAT much better. Nice work. I enjoy watching people put cheap players to justice. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Oh yea, thanks for reminding me. I just became a Mythic I think the game before this one. The emblem for it is going to take some getting used to though as I've become so accustomed to the gold skull. But yea, it's a funny vid so definitely should check it out when you can... I just wish I could have seen the guy's face when it happened lol.

Hey wassup Mythic?! =)


Will check this out when i get a chance!!!