anyone else having problems with the system kicking you out of  a game the last couple days?    I've been kicked out so much that Bungie has now banned me from playing live?


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I too have been having this problem. Been banned for quitting too. I have only ever quit 4 times in the months I've played Halo. I've also started fire fight arcade with company and they have "quit" before we've left the spawn area. I've gone on to finish, score counted in my credits.

 My connection isn't very good though. Have you checked yours?

Sounds like a connection issue on your end. See if there's anything wrong with your setup.

nah. its happened to me and i have 18+ Mbps. i'm also getting very tired of people who host and manipulate their networks so that if a game is voted in that they dont like they can cause a map fail event to occur and cause a new map vote to happen. this happened twice in a row IN THE SAME BLOODY LOBBY less than 30 seconds apart. what gives? and how can you stop yourself from winding up on those lobbies again? i dont want to see these dillholes again...sigh

Your connection speed isn't going to change whether most network issues affect you or not.


Dropping out continuously due to a dodgy router could be his problem, for example, and it doesn't matter what his connection is at that point.


You can't stop yourself from playing with people you don't want to. You could try submit a negative review but that's all you can do.


Also, the map failure may or may not be Host-related, I personally doubt it is. Some minor kind of manipulation, probably.