jag blev bannad för ca. 3 veckor sen men jag vet inte för vad.... vet ni om det e permanent eller inte


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Turn 10 enforces the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct in Forza Motorsport 3.  If you received a permanent ban from them, you would have received a notice in the in-game Message Center.

Turn 10 verkställer Xbox LIVE användarvillkoren och uppförandekod i Forza Motorsport 3. Om du har fått ett permanent förbud från dem, skulle du ha fått ett meddelande i i spelet Message Center.  Du måste skriva Turn 10 på *** Email address is removed for privacy *** för ytterligare diskussion.

Chris H.

So I brought a legit FM4 and are a banned for that and all you say is come here and xbox say it is a turn 10 issue then you block us and say contact ForzaB@microsoft and no reply  from them either  this is thieft

From Turn 10, Oct. 15, 2011:  "We are investigating claims from a select group of Forza 4 players who believe they have been unfairly banned from Xbox LIVE. We take piracy issues very seriously and will be investigating this matter case by case. If we find accounts that have been banned in error, we will reinstate them."

Chris H.

I think i got banned too ever since i started playing i havent been able to use the storefront

What did it say when you tried to enter e storefront.It might be an Xbox live problem

jag är bannad just nu! vem kan jag vända mig till för att få reda på om det är permanent?

solidsteel95:  These forums are English-only.  You need to write an email to Turn 10 at *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.  They administer the Xbox LIVE regulations in Forza Motorsport.  Rough interpretation follows.

Dessa forum är endast på engelska. Du måste skriva ett mejl till Turn 10 på *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. De administrera Xbox LIVE reglerna i Forza Motorsport.

Chris H.