Hi, I have been banned! I don't have any idea what I did wrong. I decided to auction off a group of cars on Forza 4 and when I went back on to check what sold I had a notice stating I was banned until 2035. I can only assume, that since my Xbox One was turned on at the same time I was on my 360, I was flagged. Is that possible? I also noticed that one car had been placed under review and assumed that someone accidentally pressed the report button. I have done that time to time, completely accidental. I think the report button is in the wrong place. I am pretty shocked that I received the ban, and would really appreciate this being looked into. This will make me think twice about buying content for my Forza 5 on Xbox One and definitely will have to rethink pre ordering Forza 6. To be honest I am pretty ticked off. Thanks you for taking the time to look into this. BubbaG888

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The one and only way you can query a Forza ban is by emailing *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. Don't expect a reply, but if you're very lucky, you may be unbanned. (However, it's almost certain you won't be... Turn 10 do scrutinise every report and flagged account *very* carefully. And if you've been banned until 2035, that suggests it's either not a first offence, or it's at the serious end of their list of ban reasons, as doing something silly once normally only gets you banned for a couple of weeks.)

The same thing happen to me a week ago. I don't get I don't mod or hack. All I did was sell some cars I made to take everything off of them. But when I wen't to work the next day and came back home. I wen't to check the auction I get a message saying your banned with out any reason.

samething happened to a friend barely got the game and got banned

Were the designs made with the TOS of T10 in mind.... because for example... you can get banned for trying to sell a certain leaf on a car....