Banned from storefront due to someone elses maliciousness

So, i've sent 2 emails to *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and got the standard auto replys, not even sure if they're read by humans?

Posting on forza forums just gets it locked and they say to email *** Email address is removed for privacy *** (which doesn't seem to help)  or to contact xbox (way to support your customers forza/turn10)

Here is the contents of my emails:

I sent you an email yesterday regarding my storefront being under review due to someone elses malicious actions.
I log on today to find i've been banned for a week? I have done nothing wrong, surely it should be the gamertag in question who should be banned? The one who sent/gifted me the malicious vinyl?
Please find below a copy of the email i sent you yesterday and rectify this matter, Thankyou.
I recently had a so called "friend" gift me a vinyl asking me to show of his work on my storefront, saying he just wanted to see his work used. I did this and straight after everything in my storefront was showing as "Under Review" and still is.
This is obviously causing me issues and have since removed this person as a friend and also any vinyls he has sent me.
My storefront is currently showing everything as "Under Review" Everything on my storefront is my own work which i have created.
The vinyl in question is listed under Vinyl Groups and titled Forza3, i have removed this from my vinyl groups but it still shows in my storefront and i am unable to remove it.
It would be appreciated if you could remove this item and return my storefront to normal.
My Gamertag is: Fuertey
His Gamertag is: (can provide to mods/staff etc.., it was in the email i sent)
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you, My Name / Fuertey

Any one have any suggestions?


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I hate to be the one to say it but they would not ban you if you didn't deserve it. Next time don't sell your "friends" work and you should be fine. I personally would not email them if its weekly ban since it will most likely take longer for anyone to respond. Call it a lesson learned and move on, cheers

You shouldn't make assumptions.

It wasn't for sale, he asked me to share it so i did, it was put up as a share for free.

The only thing i'm guilty of is trusting someone and trying to help out someone i thought was a friend.

It doesn't matter if its free or costs 50k cr, its in your sf and people can still report it/rate it . Also dont blame your friend, anyone is able to report you as long as the file is in your sf. Your friend most likely didn't know this would happen

With the messages i got after from him i know it was intentional.

You're theory that because it was on my SF and people reported it and i got banned doesn't hold up.

Literally within minutes (probably less as i went to my SF straight after adding it and everything was under review so some how this vinyl got everything under review near instantly) of me adding the vinyl to my SF everything was under review, even stuff i had created myself. (the only thing not made by me was the vinyl in question) and it didn't contain nudity or profanity etc... so i'm still at a loss as to why or how.

As i said, the only thing i'm guilty of is trying to help someone i thought was a friend. i had no reason to think he would be malicious but you're right on one thing, lesson learned. Can't even help people now without it biting you in the ...........

What help did this "friend" need?  Can't he put the vinyl's up on his own storefront?  Why would you even need to put up a vinyl for someone else?

One inappropriate design is enough to have your whole SF under review, I've seen it happen before and as soon you upload something it shows up on most recent list, so someone can report you within minutes. Its a good thing you were banned for one week only and you should be happy for that . Now I can tell that your intentions were good and you were just trying to help a friend but there is not much else anyone here can help you with and t10 will not reinstate bans. What happened to you could happen to anyone.

He said he wanted to see his work spread about and used by other people.

I assumed (wrongly obviously) that he was being genuine as you can only gift your own designs & vinyls.

I still don't know why he did it and probably never will. i just know that he found it hilarious

Well I hate to be the one to tell you but there is nothing anyone here can do. Just wait it out if it is a short ban. Any other issues need to be taken up with Turn10.