banned from servers for using pirated copy?

i just received an in game message from turn 10 saying that i've been flagged and banned from their servers because my copy of forza 4 is a 'pirated disc'. i'd like to point out that i don't own a pirated copy of forza 4 and have been playing my copy that i bought from EB games since tuesday afternoon. i just want to know who do i contact to get unbanned from their servers? i can provide proof of purchase with pictures or scans of my copy of the game and receipt.


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You should post this at (if it's working)

Kinda how you already have Arkham City already also

just seen some of the threads on there and some people have the same problem as me. one of the mods posted an email address for forza so i'll try and contact them there. thanks.

Got the same notification!

I got the same message tonight!! I sent a email to *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and I will try calling them tomorrow for a faster response. Here is what I said in the email.

I was checking my messages and I noticed this was sent to me. "You have been flagged for playing on a console that has loaded a pirated disc, which is a violation of Xbox LIVE Terms of service. As a result, your console has been flagged and your account has been banned". Someone needs to fix this problem because I paid $71.99 for this collectors edition. I purchased the game brand new in the clear packaging material from best buy on 10/11/2011 since I had it on pre-order for about a month. Please somebody help fix this problem my gamertag is CWILLZ757.

same thing just happened to me,

I bought mine at JB Hifi, Elizabeth St Melbourne last night, Collectors edition

It crashed twice last night saying corrupted disc, even though it installed to hard disk OK

Tonight  I got a message that I'm banned

Just got the same message - bought mine today from ASDA in the UK. Had similar 'disk unreadable' issues, installed to HD, played through two years of career mode and now get the 'banned Pirate' message.

I think they really messed up their copy protection *sighs* so now I have a game I cannot play with my friends, no leaderboards, no rivals, waste of time.

OK, the problem is that there is a section of the disc that is being read to make sure it's not pirated.  If you have a scratch, or spec of dirt on the disc, or just a somewhat lazy laser it can MISread that section and flag the game as not being compliant.


The automated console bans are actually set up to go out only if you get multiple of these "flags" since they do randomly occur occationally.


It may be you got tagged once on your brand new copy and now they are deciding to ban you, regardless of the automated system M$ have in place.

Same here :(


It is sad that we live in a world where companies can ban first and then wait for you to ask questions later.....

Not cool....

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