Banned from getting credits on reach, Where do I get my money back?

I just bought a new xbox 360 with the reach and fable 3 deal and halo reach is a great game, well, it was great until I suddenly got banned from gaining credits. Anyone else had this glitch come up? It has been about 12 hours now that I cant play this game, so I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a refund since the game no longer works. well that and any game that actually bans me from having to get up and take care of my daughter is a POS anyway.

So the other people that have real lives and got banned from dropping one or two games, please leave info here as to how you got your money back for this game, again, it is a great game but im not paying for xbox live and a full game only to get ripped off and banned for doing nothing wrong.

I was also going to get my xbox live account pro rated since I have been banned for no reason and can't play, so if anyone knows which forums or phone numbers to call to get my money back from xbox live and for this broken game I would appreciate it, thanks for reading


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Apologies, but this is the wrong forum for this. You need to go to the forums for this, as that is 343 Industries' official forums (the developer in charge of Halo). If you can actually plea your case there, they might reverse it. However credit bans are not permanent unless you've committed a serious infraction (such as network manipulation). Depending on severity, they usually only last between a few hours to a few days. More serious violations warrant more appropriate bans.


And just for future reference, credit bans are not implemented for quitting games. If you quit too many games, you'll receive a quit ban (banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes or so). Credit bans occur when you or someone you play with consistently AFK (idling). It is a measure to prevent boosting.