Banned for no reason (atleast on this account)

I know why i'm banned ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT, but this account is banned for no reason. I have been banned since like January (I got banned on my other account for boosting for medals), anyways; I just recently got the urge to play Gears of War 3 to get ready for Gears of War: Judgement, and remembered im banned, I was wondering if i could get the problem resolved (I can't contact EPIC on their Forums because i'm.. yeah you guessed it, banned of the forums too) Im banned off of their forums for Ranting about how terrible their game was at release. Thanks.



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as far as i know epic ban your console as well as your GT. don't know if they ban all  accounts associated with that console though.

The only thing I can tell you is that when you get banned (for whatever reason), any account you create on that same console will also be banned (thus the term "console ban").  I think what you have to do is buy another Xbox and create a new account on that machine if you want to play Gears 3 online.  Aside from that, you may be out of luck.



Really?.. :/ i feel like that's kind of illegal, i mean i know it is THEIR game, and i DID boost, but really? Banning every account on my Xbox? I bought TWO SEASON PASSES, and just like that, they took them both away.. one of them for virtually no reason, and the second one for COMPLETELY NO REASON (this account). And it's not like it was cheating or anything, it was in-game.. anything they put in the game, you should be able to do... I mean i know i'm crying over spilled milk since they will never unban me. Bit i've never heard of a company that bans people like they do, i mean, as if it's not bad enough that only like 20,000 people played multiplayer a month after the launch, but they banned people like crazy, i could see them banning people for real cheating, but boosting? and it wasn't even terrible boosting, i was just doing the Match Bonus XP glitch. Whatever.


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 i was just doing the Match Bonus XP glitch.


you were idle boosting in a public match.

thus ruining the game for legit players.

glad you are gone.

Was hence was, back when the game first came out for the onyx medal achievement and everybody was doing it, but truthfully I don't care if you are glad, peace out.

Sorry to hear of your ban, but nobody gets banned for nothing...and if you were boosting out in the public, especially boosting with a "glitch" got busted, ruined games for others and got reported...and yes, it is cheating...pum pum pum...another one bites the dust.