Banned account for Halo 4 too much xp


recently my Halo 4 account has been banned for gaining too much xp. Can you help me unblock this? I was playing with 2 guests but they are just my friends and new to Halo 4. Please help


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I'm not 100% sure, but there are several reasons. Either your friends totally sucked, and they had 0 kills and tons of deaths, resulting in people "boosting" off them. Same with if they were afk. Your friends also had to be afk or be really bad for several matches for the system to notice you. But if it is a xp problem for you, you must have been boosting off your friends. Sorry, heh..

@XxShadeWolfxX .......You've accomplished some great things in your Xbox career, eh? 10K Gamerscore babyyy! Yeah!!

Nice Accomplishments!