Bandits INSIDE my house?

Well, that's a first for me.  A dragon attacked my Hearthfire place, and wasn't dead for 10 seconds when some bandits rolled up on us.  I chased a couple around the yard, but couldn't seem to find the the third one until I went in the house, and there he was, drinking my mead, getting all friendly with my steward.  Had to lay a smackdown on him.  Now I have this naked bandit body stinking up my foyer.  Anyone know a good cleaner?


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Dragons, bandits, spouse complaining about living out in the boondocks, along with many other reasons, are why I finally moved my family and my valuables back into town. The manors were fun to acquire and build, but they can become a nuisance.


I usually toss them in the fire. Of all the creatures and humans I've killed at my Hearthfire places, it's only the bandits that seem to get inside. I'd fire that Steward though. When I fast travel back to Lakeview and bad guys are there,  Illia seems to have them under control. Never had them inside drinking with her, she is always outside if there are knucklheads that need dealt with. Girlfriend likes to scrap.

I've seen them inside a few times and they always act like I'm intruding in my own house! I get a bit huffy at that point.... for that alone they go in the the nearest fire pit.

I'm all over the bandit's being inside. I ran around the house once with red dots everywhere and no bandits. Until I went inside. Funny I did the same thing and through them into the fire to clean the place up. Luckily the doors were all open. Lydia had already dispatched one and was telling the other they should not have come here. I only had to take out that pesky little archer one that likes to run away. Funny how they acted like I didn't belong there. Are you kidding me? They quickly disappeared after going outside for a short time and then coming back in.

I leave the bandits on the floor as a pointed reminder to my live in help that they are not doing their job. They disappear though. I haven't had one get cozy with my food but if I have a staff on the weapon racks in the entry they always steal them.

Last night was weird though. I kept trying to go to Dawnstar to retrieve some stuff from the chest but I kept attracting a dragon. That's no surprise but twice, my dispatching hit civilians an they retaliated so I reloaded. On the third try, I finally got everything picked up and fast-traveled back to Heljarchen where the dragon followed me yet again. I was encumbered so I dashed in the house, dropped my stuff in a chest and went back out to find that all I had to do was give the dragon the coup de grace because Gregor had pretty much finished it. I don't know where Lydia was hiding.


So far, so normal, but then it gets weird. I went off and found the Lord Stone and stopped to do Fort Neugard. When I finished, I was standing on the wall deciding where I wanted to go and saw someone walking down below. I thought I had missed a bandit and threw a fireball at him (I did all of the fort with fireballs) and it turned out to be Gregor walking down the road far from home. I ran down and confronted him and he said "pleased to see you again, my Thane." I ran back home, did some stuff, checked to see if the help was in and saw Lydia asleep and Gregor just walking up the stairs. The next morning, (this is two days after I killed the dragon)I walked outside the front door, again pondering my next move, when I was enveloped in dragon bones. I went back inside and they weren't in the house but when I when back out, they flopped again and the dragon skeleton was in the garden. The dragons don't usually stick around like that. I wonder if I have a new yard ornament.  へへへ

I really like the layout of the house, but the big downside I hadn't counted on is that it's not close to any merchants, so buying and selling, when you're doing blacksmithing, is a pain.  That's why I've been enjoying Solstheim.  Probably won't stay there after the DLC is done.  I've lived in Solitude, Whiterun, and Markarth before.  This character is a Nord, so I'm wondering if Windhelm might be a good place to try this time.  It's so run-down looking, though.  If Solstheim has one big advantage, it's that the merchants have double the regular gold.  I didn't want to have to grind through the Thieves quest again.

Nor am I a fan of Windhelm. My opinion only - the most depressing place in Skyrim next to Volkhair Castle (Dawnguard). I only go to Windhelm on quests or to catch the ferry to Solstheim.

Speaking of Solstheim, the house there I found to be quite livable, and reasonably close to wealthy merchants... and a disreputable watering hole for when the Dragonborn feels like a night off from the cares of being the caretaker legend of Skyrim, or just trying to forget he has a raging volcano in his backyard.

lol...the more I think about it, the less I want to go to Windhelm.  Can you move families to Solstheim?

If any place is a reason to back the Imperials it is Windhelm. The Jarl's palace is in pretty good condition but the rest of the city is a derelict dump and all of his people are shivering in the cold and still manage to have it in for any non-Nords around. Ulfric is a pig. As for merchants, I usually don't need the gold once I've got all those places so I just store the junk I make to level smithing and enchanting and every now and then stop off and pick up some things to sell. With my Nord being an archer she would just take a load of stuff to sell in Solitude to finance more arrows but the mage just makes runs to Dawnstar's chest for soul gems and doesn't much sell anything anymore.


What I have found to be a nuisance is in this go round I made Winstad the Alchemy house, Heljarchen the Enchanters house and Lakeview the Smithing house. I quickly learned that having smithing next to Enchanting is much better and I don't like the porch where the Library should be, it crowds the sideyard too much. It has shown me though that the way to keep the houses from resetting is to visit them frequently so I always go to all three to check up and leave the various stuff where it belongs. It is so hard not to pick up ingredients or loot even when I know I don't need it and can get it easily if I do. I mean, how many dragon bones and scales does one need?


It's something I think many games lack, that is a reason to keep crafting and picking up loot all the way to the end. If there was something great to buy that took a lot of gold it would be better. Proudspire takes the most and it is easily gotten by mid game without even trying.

Pretty sure the family is limited to Skyrim, Back Lot. I'm not sure I want to hear what Lydia would say if I asked her to move there? Or what she would hit me over the head with... ;)

LadyB always nails it, Ulfric is a pig... LOL! I couldn't have put it any better. The war is still going on for my mage girl, The few occasions she has been in that palace, I can just sense her tensing up when those Ulfric and his idiot sidekick speak. I must be getting more in touch with my feminine side in those moments...

Well! I think for the most part Ulfric is better off in Sovengarde. Funny how he praised me when I was there. I have all my words now with the exception of the Dawnguard ones.

As far as houses go, I have mine set up different from before but I do see the need to keep things close to cities where I can sell them off quickly. I've invested in 17 merchants now so I'm doing the spring cleaning of gathered junk. Doing the Night Mothers wishes makes it easy to carry a lot off loot back and forth while on some Dark mission. I've been paying closer attention to each Hearthfire house and how many times they get visited by bad guys. Lakeview and Heljarchen are in the running for first place at 9 each with Winstad way behind with 3. No dragons in the garden yet at any of them. (fingers crossed)

Heljarchen is the Smithing central with the alchemy tower over looking the valley. Lakeview was supposed to be the Family home but I lost Reyya some time ago. I move them back and forth from Solitude to Windhelm and Whiterun. Ysolda hasn't complained yet so I guess were good. Lucia still won't let me give her anything and complains about Braith telling her what to do. Sofie on the other hand acts pretty normal. I think next time I'll leave the little street urchins alone. I'm thinking when I'm all done with this character I'll move the Family into Lakeview and just stay local for anything that happens.

As far as city houses go, I'm with LadyB on the Breezehome garage. They take your storage barrel away when you get the kids room and anything that was left in the alchemy room will disappear. Plan accordingly if you want to change. The Windhelm house is much nicer than the rest of the city. As far as rooms go for the kiddies, there is no comparison to a Hearthfire main bedroom setup. Proudspire comes the closest. And having an oven is pretty cool for making disease curing bread and funny looking pies. All I have to do is get some decent chickens that will lay some eggs and a butter churn that actually works. lol!

Haven't had any bandits inside for awhile since I've been doing the regular visit thing also.

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