Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance(1&2) HELP

   Does anyone know if they work on the 360? XBox seems to completely ignore their being made, and I really want to play them again, but I'm not going to buy them if they don't work.


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I believe that Dark Alliance 2 does work, I'm not sure about the first one though

Baldur's gate, that's such a nice game.  I could just talk about that for ages.

gosh i hope i dont get banned as easliy as this guy did....please elaborate what actions he took to get banned, because i do nit want to make the same mistake, and from your vague description of the banning reason, i may do it inadvertently, like anyone else. My feedback could be important as could the banned,  i dont want to make the same very sensitive mistake if possible.

but is baldurs gate available??!!!

it needs to be! That game was awesome!!! Stick that junk in the arcade and let us play!!!

Dark Alliance II.... it's been a long time but I think I played that. Very similar to Champions of Norrath and Return to Arms?

Dark Alliance was more like the Gauntlet game that came out on XBOX and that is available in the Arcade.  I don't like the bashers but plenty do, there's just too much killing and not enough seeing it happen for my liking.  As for Baldur's gate, well put into context that was a masterpiece that will never be matched...  Well almost because it seems like Walking Dead is making a good impact.