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I know this topic has been beaten to death but I just had (what I thought was) a good idea and i think it would do a good job of balancing the sawed off without nerfing it or affecting its range. My idea is to have the recoil of the sawed off stun the user similar to getting hit by a melee. It would get rid of the people charging into a crowd fire a shot and jump backwards and hide in the corner while reloads just to sprint back in there and do the same thing again. It forces you to go after isolated opponents and make sure you hit your opponent( which isn't hard as long as your eyes are somewhat open.)  Just an opinion but I think it would work pretty well.


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It might work but then you'd just have people saying "zOmG! stun-recoil lasts too long!"

If you ask me,EPIC should have just left thngs the way it was on the release date and if anybody had a problem with it they can stick to Horde,Beast,or just find something else to play. It just goes to prove you bend your back over for some people and can't make anybody happy

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They've already nerfed the SOS, it only works in melee range unless they have an active reload. It's fine.