Bad Teams Or Just Bad Luck ?

Personally xbox live has changed quite a bit over the past few years, because whenever i play FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield Bad Company, it seems as though people don't want to work as a team and the only thing they care about is their 'precious' K/D Ratio.

Whenever i play bad company i get a silly amount of snipers in my lobby and nobody cares about taking the objectives, and the same with the enemy team, ive ended up having to stop playing rush and start playing conquest because of all the snipers that camp inside their spawn area making it literally impossible to get back at them. i wouldn't mind it if the snipers on my team were good but they generally aren't due to the fact they don't even attempt to mark people because they're afraid that they wont get the kill.

For me i much prefer killing some guys and getting shot a bit myself if i have to all for the sake of taking the objective and winning the game. its just as if xbox live is full of selfish people who can't and won't work as a team.

This leaves me with my final question.... "What happened to Teamwork?" 

It seems as though it is non-existent anymore.


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dont agree with all of you here.. OP go find  Meet up there. all friends, all teamplayers.  i promise. ask around ;)

you definitely need good team work to win playing rush.

I find a good Assault Recon Team defending the Mcom (that is not in a building that can collapse). With the Assault supplying ammo to the Recon who keeps dropping sensor balls in the Mcoms area, you can keep the enemy away from their goal. I've done this on many maps. But if your Defending Team runs away from your Mcom and loses sight of it you'll lose. I find in an balanced team rush game the defenders have the advantage of unlimited reinforcements, and as long as one of your squad stays alive near the Mcom it will be hard for the other team to get in there attacking.

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4 man squads, private/party chat and stats ruined teamwork.


make some friends, use smoke or find a new game.



Definitely agree with the 4 man squads. Whoever thought of that in a FPS should have to play with a team full of camping snipers. And the disappearance ranked games that have your rank go up if you play good and down if you don't. More game developers need to go back to this model and get away from the COD model of rewarding everyone.


4 man squads, private/party chat and stats ruined teamwork.


make some friends, use smoke or find a new game.

Teamwork has never existed in gaming.