bad shadows

hi guys and girls.

My Mass Effect has shockingly bad shadows that are all blocky. Is there a setting somewhere that can fix this? OR... is this just because it is an older game? Will Mass Effect 2 be better?



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Lol you're complaining about the shadows? What about the horrendous frame rate? The game plays at 10 frames per second when you're in a fire fight and its very frustrating. The frame rate literally always stuttering.

There is no way to fix the shadows on the 360 version of the game, nor the PS3 version come to that.


You could always grab the PC version, where an option to turn off dynamic shadows (the blocky ones) is available and there are various mods to improve them.


The shadows are much improved in Mass Effect 2.


I've played the fir5st game a lot and I honestly don't know where people are seeing these frame rate drops. The only place a noticable frame rate drop occurs for me is when escaping the Hot Labs on Noveria.

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