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This account has been stolen...

My Brother died on 23 of this month

My family lives in New York, he lived in New Jersey, several things from his house were missing when my family went to clear out his possessions, among them his xbox360. The thefts also took several other things that had sentimental value like a wooden owl.

The people that took it xbox, are continuing to use his xbox live account, - [Mod removed]

The first thing they did was defriend everyone, and have been playing since then, and now have new friends, they

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I actually have access to all his e-mail and xboxlive accounts at the moment. I am hopping they are stupid and join facebook or send a reviling message because I can read all of those also.Can the power of the internet help? Any Suggestions


his brother Ryan


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WOW that really sucks, I am sorry.May I ask how he passed ?

Sorry to hear of your loss. The first thing you should do is change the Windows Live ID and Password while you still have access to the account.


Also let the police know that his property was being used online. They can work with Microsoft to track down the people who were using it.

I'm sorry for your loss. I don't think you'll find the help you need here though. First, it's against the TOS to provide personal information, including others' gamertags, so this post will likely get deleted or censored. Second, this isn't a matter that MS can handle, this is an issue of personal theft in which case you need to contact the police. And, like someone before me stated, change the passwords to account you still have access to. Good luck.

VoteDC is right, contact the police and work with MS to track them down, it's happened before. I hope they get the punishment they deserve.

Dude , That messed up to the 3rd degree..   I am very sorry about your brother and hope those thieves get caught and defaced by a judge.. God Bless You AND your family.       Chad

Sorry to hear that. The first thing you should do is

I believe MS log the IP address when the account logs in so the police may be able to get that. The police could get the info from the ISP as to who had that IP address at the time and make further enquiries. It is a bit of a longshot but worth a go.

voteDC is right -- you should immediately change the e-mail address attached to the Live account and also change the password.

If you have an XBox 360 yourself, recover the account to your system using the new e-mail and password, then do the following:

1. Hit the Guide button
2. Press right to get to Settings
3. Scroll down to Account Management
4. Press right and goto Your Information
5. Scroll down to Password at Sign In
6. Press A

This screen will give you two options. 'Require password here' and 'On all other consoles'

If you choose 'On all other consoles', it will basically reset the 'Save Password' flag on all other consoles except yours -- in other words, since the e-mail address and password have been changed, when they get the prompt to provide information, they won't have any of the new info.

I would highly suggest doing this after you change the e-mail address and password.