Bad name Never banned?


I'd like to personally report somebody who is extreamly annoying on the game Cod4.

They use hacks. i believe they could even have a Jtag. Plus the gamer tag never seems to get banned yet it is bad.

The gamer Tag is

 [Removed by Moderator] 

IF you can't get them for hacks that gamertag should be enough to get them banned?  


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P.s i have been banned for communications because i asked people to report the gamer tag.

Now i have 2 week ban and had to purchase more live for a 2nd acc + microsoft points for maps. This is a horrid experience. Please look into this for me. I don't even message people much let alone offenicive stuff.

1. Don't post their GT on here. Your not allowed to name them. Just report them and block them and leave it at that. If this said person is using hacks, others will report them within time. Microsoft have to look through a lot of reported players so they may not get to that person straight away.

2. Asking people to report someone will definately get you banned. Thats like me asking people to report you; they don't know you and can only take my word for it.

3. You didn't HAVE to purchase more Xbox live and Microsoft Points, you just needed to wait out the 2 week ban and then you could use your 1st account again.

If the player is annoying, you can just simply block communication with that individual player, and/or avoid that player to prevent any future gameplay with them, by going to their gamer card, then go to "Submit player review", and then select "aviod player". If he/she has a mod/hacks, you can select that individual's player card and file a complaint against them.