Bad Luck?

So, I just have to ask. Has anyone else had as much "Bad Luck" in this Game that I do? I mean seriously, the amount of times I get killed by "Bad Luck" (Note- not Suicide) is unbelievable.

Earlier this morning I was simply playing with random smurfs. It was on Conquest and my Team was doing pretty good. So, I decided to get some Helo and Jet time in. I was struck out of the Cobra as a Gunner with a Heat Seeker from a Flanker (and the Helo lived to go on?)?! I was struck out of one of the Russian Attack Helos by something unknown (?) and ended up being on the ground alive?! I was killed in the Cobra from Bad Luck?!!

What's up with that?! I only wish I was recording this morning...


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I've had a few. I just put it down to Battlefield gremlins.

Getting killed in the chopper and the chopper survivng is glitch (for lack of a better word) & should be fixed in the next TU.

I've had a few of these bad luck things pop up for what seemed to be no reason whatsoever. A few days back I was rushing the 2nd set of M-COMs on the right hand side on operation firestorm and all of a sudden I dropped dead, no debris or anything hit me, I wasn't shot at, had full health, I simply died for no reason and was told "bad luck". An obvious WTF was my reaction.

Could someone please answer if this is a Glitch or not, I've had it happen twice now. I'm flying along merrily on my way in my F35 and all of a sudden I end up in the water (hundreds of feet below) instantly with no Parachute and the guy that was chasing me in his Flanker kills me immediately afterwards?! In the water, out of my plane?!

I have not had many while flying(I don't fly that much)but quite a few whilst jumping off stuff,even with my chute deployed,or just randomly dropped dead whilst running with the message "Bad Luck" popping up at me,I figured it could be a couple of reasons,Either some debris from a destroyed aircraft must of struck me or just dice wanted to have some fun at my expense and decided i was gonna have a "Bad Luck" day.I don't think it is due to health issues as i keep my soldier on a strict excercise routine and a healthy diet of rashions.