Bad Connections?

Ok. Ever since the DLC, I've been using the PeaceKeeper. I don't know if it my connection or what, but this gun SUCKS! My K/D ratio is going down the crapper. I thought it was my connection, but I used old reliables (MP7 and Skorpion) and I'm having no problem getting kills. What's the deal with this POS gun?


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Welcome to Lag Ops 2. If this your first time please take the tour. On this tour you will se the all new features of the game. Such as Curving Bullets, Invisible Enemies, Bullets and Rockets that do no damage, and my personal fav the all new perk called Combat Ice Skater. Watch as they effortlessly glide across the map while being completely unkillable. Then you even get screwed on the DLC unless u pay upfront for a saeson pass.

^ That definitely explains why he's able to switch to an MP7 and get kills.

Everyone is different OP.  I like using the SCAR, HAMR, QBB and LSAT.  Apparently not many other people do, because according to my Elite stats I don't die by those weapons very often.  On the other hand I'm killed by a lot of the MP7, MTAR and M27, none of which I really like all that much.  I can use them, but they all net me a lower KDR than what my average is.  So you don't do well with  the Peacekeeper... I'd say don't use it then.

I noticed that to but still really liked my answer. So I just with it.

The peacekeeper has a very slow fire rate alot of guns will out shoot you close range stick to med to long range fighting with that gun if you must stay in cqb equipped rapid fire