Bad Company "Dream Team"

I am planning on forming a "Dream Team" for bad company.


We all know that the only way to be good at Battlefield is to use teamwork. My goal is to form a team of four (myself and three other people) to mainly play squad deathmatch. 

So, I am looking for experienced players who know the ins and outs of BFBC2. AND are good team players.

If you want to join, just say so, and ill play a game of battlefield with you to see how well you work as a teammate.


once a full team is made, we will meet on xbox in a party and decide things like roles, rules, tactics and such.



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Had my interest until I read SDM. I didn't even know people play that still, for me BFBC2 is rush and on occasion conquest.

hey add me i play a lot of sdm and squad rush