Bad Company 3

Do you think they'll ever bring the Bad Company series back in Battlefield?
I personally loved both of those games to death, the single player campaign was actually enjoyable and well worked to say the least haha.

I still can't even play the campaign on BF4 because my progress just disappears so I just quit trying, im surprised they still havent fixed that issue its like half the game doesnt even work.


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They still have that issue with the BF4 campaign? I was fearful of that so I decided to beat the campaign in one go and I did.

I didn't play the first Bad Company due to being late on the 360, but I loved Bad Company 2. I would really love a 3rd game. Don't get me wrong. Battlefield is a great game, but Bad Company just surpasses it imo.

I'm a huge fan of the Bad Company series and would love to see BFBC3. I was disappointed when DICE announced BF4 instead of BC3. 

To this day Bad Company 2 remains one of my favourite games for multiplayer and would definitely be interested in a third.

Yea haha, I gave BF4 campaign another go last week thinking surely they had fixed it and got about 80% in and went to play it again a few days ago and it was gone, so I just gave up trying lmao.
Such a boring campaign to try 5 times.

It seems anytime they update the game, or make any changes your saves disappear from what i've noticed.

But also I found this earlier, it seem there IS a Bad Company 3 on they way, the question is when.


I wish they would, BF3/4 are lackluster yet I have hundreds of hours in BC2

I skipped BF4 when I played the beta. I just wasn't too impressed with it and the mechanics require some skill which is something I quite frankly lacked lol. I followed how many problems this game had post release too which was a put off for me. I plan on getting the next outing if there is a smoother release.

I got BC2 for 20$ 2 and a half years ago and loved it. Then I got the Vietnam expansion pack which I liked more then the actual game. Then I skipped BF3 because of low player count and less vehicles.

I played the bf4 beta and liked it ok, then in December got a x1 and bf4 and liked it, (the glitch so and bugs are a lot better, except missing audio at the beginning of a game glitch), the 64 players is really fun to.

I would love a BC3, and another Vietnam expansion (or ww2 or Korea) I just hope the next one isn't bf5.

I doubt they'll come out with one...If they did it would be amazing. I loved the series too.

GRADY, I enjoyed what I played on the bad company I had. Although it wasn't too much play, I did like it. I hope they go back a bit and cover more of an era in history rather than modern war but that's just user preference.

I'm with Dashboard though, I doubt they will make a new BC but if that was the next instalment then it would be sweet. Though I did hear rumour a while back that it was police related or something (my memory sucks).